O Gnomo

January 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Some of you may know that I am a bit of a fan of the works of Tolkien. It began in my childhood thanks to my uncle Glenn’s tellings of the Hobbit, grew through high school as I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and was interminably solidified as the movies were released in college.

Recently, as my siblings and I were going through all of the crap in my parents’ garage in preparation for their big move to Florida, I came across an interesting find- a comic book version of the Hobbit that was buried within my uncle’s things (he passed away about three years ago, and my parents now have most of his belongings).

I took it home and added it to my bookcase, and thought, this could be the start of a cool collection. Because I have seen through the interwebs many different versions of this classic novel- and what I find most fascinating is the different ways in which the story is illustrated. As this story is, at its core, a children’s story, it is oft illustrated, and often in very intriguing ways.

I recently came across my newest WANT for this collection: O Gnomo, the 1962 Portuguese edition of the book, illustrated by Antonio Quadros. It is beautiful, and I so badly want it, but have been unable to find so far…. See what you think:


Thanks so much to Where the Lovely Things Are (one of my favorite blogs) for introducing me to this edition- hopefully I will possess it one day!

OK, I promise I will try not to write about anything Tolkien-related for at least a few posts now…

Have a fabulous weekend! Tonight I plan to have a quiet night in watching Ides of March with a friend and working with some yarn- tomorrow I plan to join some friends at a Burlesque Show and screening of Boogie Nights at the Plaza Theater right by my house, and Sunday is an Addy’s work session! Lots to do, maybe it wil distract me from the awful weather we are supposed to get….


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