Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

January 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

First- a quick update on my Dad (I am sitting in his hospital room right now). The surgery went smoothly- they ended up doing a double bypass, and he was out around 9pm Wednesday. Since then, the issue has been the constant pain, as they have been keeping him really lucid, and all he can really do is feel pain. It’s tough to watch. The good news is, though, that the surgery was successful, and now it is just time to recover. We’re hoping he will come home on Sunday or Monday.

Now for some distraction…a post I started writing up last week.

I love festivals. I mean, round up anything for a couple of days and call it a festival, and I am likely to at LEAST attend the house parties surrounding it. Especially if the street trucks are there. One of my favorite things about Atlanta, actually, is the wonderful wonderful festival season (I’ve already bought my ticket for the first one of the year!!)

Although Atlanta festivals normally center around being warm (or HOT), drinking, and perusing crafts, I am totally intrigued by the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in China. This town’s average temps during the winter are around -13 degrees Celsius, allowing this icy wonderland to exist for an entire month during January. (Those of you in the A complaining about today’s sudden cold-snap- at least we all know it won’t last!!)

I rounded up some photos of the ice castles, illuminated from within, the sculptures, and even a couple who were married at the festival. See below!

Photos Courtesy of The Telegraph UK


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