Winter is Coming

April 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, I know I’ve already posted about A Game of Thrones a couple of times before, but I am just getting SO EXCITED- less than two weeks to go until the premiere! I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon enjoying the Spring weather and finishing the book, and I absolutely can not WAIT to see it acted out before my eyes- especially the final scene- soooo cool…

For those of you who have NOT read the books and who would still like to partake in what is sure to be a phenomenon, here is a little taste- the first 14 minutes as released by HBO just yesterday:

The book sat in my pile for several months due to the busy fall and holiday seasons before I finally grabbed it and just DEVOURED the majority of it during my recent trip to Costa Rica. I have to say, being a pretty visual person, it was very cool to already be able to put faces with the characters as I was reading- Sean Bean as Ned Stark, Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister- casting looks pretty spot on from what I can tell- I am especially interested to see how Daenerys’s character is treated. What a bad-ass 13 year old.

Sadly, my 6 months of free HBO will not last through the season, but I’ve got plenty of i-Tunes gift cards set aside JUST for the purpose of buying and watching the episodes once they air. Winter is coming, ya’ll!


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