A Gnome in the Hand…

January 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, I have a new idol. During my free time, I often spend hours perusing the patterns that are available over at Ravelry.com, which for those of you not obsessed with some form of yarn art, is an online community that pulls together knitters and crocheters, complete with a database of free and for-charge patterns, project libraries/photos, community boards, etc. It’s pretty amazing.

As I was checking in on the pattern for this pair of peacock gloves that I fell in love with in the Fall 2010 issue of Knitty Magazine:

I thought I’d check out some of the other patterns this genius designer has created. And I was blown away. She is called SpillyJane, she has a beautiful site, and she interprets all kinds of amazing ideas into the most beautiful patterns. As a disclaimer, please keep in mind that none of the below finished objects were created by me (YET!)- they are all courtesy of the fabulous SpillyJane.

Take this design- it’s called Swedish Fish. One of my coworkers here, Ellen, LOVES Swedish Fish, and I am just dying to see her with a pair of these gloves.

And how about these RoboMitts? Yes please!!!

I Can Has Cheezburger?

These Ribbon Mitts are SOOOO lovely:

But the ones I love the most, that I MUST HAVE by the time cold weather rolls around at the end of 2011 (because, let’s face it, my calendar is already way too filled to think I can create these for myself in time to use them THIS season) are these Gnome Mittens. I mean. Look at them. It would be like having a whole set of friends keeping my hands warm.

SpillyJane, if you ever come across this little blog and read this post, please know that I am a HUGE fan, and I aspire to be as creative in my designs one day as you are in yours!



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