Snow Day and a FO!!

January 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

The weather here in Atlanta has been so extreme the past year or so! We had a really cold second half of winter, an UNBEARABLY hot summer, and so far, a MISERABLY cold winter again. In fact, we’ve already seen significant snow twice, including snow on Christmas for the first time in something like 100 years.

Last night, the snow fairy bestowed upon us a good 4-5 inches, and with unusually perfect timing too, as this stuff NORMALLY seems to happen right at the BEGINNING of a weekend as opposed to the end. The city, in its usual fashion, has COMPLETELY shut down, and I am working from home today, snuggled under my Babette, drinking some Mighty Leaf Rainforest Mate, watching Harry Potter in the background, and chugging away at an analysis project for my client.

I couldn’t resist heading outside to take a couple photos of the snow though:

The view from my staircase, which, incidentally, I managed to fall COMPLETELY down yesterday- from the very top, headfirst. I am feeling VERY bruised and sore today.

My house in the snow! We just had it repainted, and the color pops so nicely against the crisp white!

Now for the FO- I also took the opportunity of the bright white background to snap  few photos of a Christmas project I had yet to share- the Fetching gloves I knit for my sister for Christmas. This was the first project I had created on a set of DPN, my first knitting project in the round, and my first knitting project with cables. It was fiddly for  while, but I think it turned out pretty well!

They took forever. I can’t wait until I am faster at knitting. I cast on a new pair of gloves for Glenn last week, and I do have to say, those are moving a little quicker, however, I am also using larger needles and yarn with a heavier weight.

All right, back to work- enjoy your snow day ATL!!!


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