January 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been a little while since I’ve been on vacation. Like, real vacation. There is a North GA mountain trip on the near horizon for me, but as far as, like, getting on a plane and going somewhere for a significant amount of time- yea, it’s been a while.

If I had my choice right this very second, I would be here:

This is Urnatur, a retreat in southern Sweden that I stumbled across on SFGirlbyBay. The idea behind the retreat is to give visitors a chance to connect with nature, while staying in the cabins and treehouse-type-abodes that the retreat offers. As a child, (ok, AND an adult), one of my favorite Disney movies was always Swiss Family Robinson- and especially the scene in which the men unveil the finished treehouse product to their Mother- I have ALWAYS wanted a tree house like that (and my own pet baby elephant, and woods full of monkeys….but, you know, those are really just pipe dreams….)

I imagine this guy has his basket out for berry picking- haha, I used to pretend to do that, a la Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty…

Maybe sometime this year I’ll be able to break away and go somewhere magical- maybe not Sweden, but we’ll see!


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