New Year, New Blog(host), New Ideas

January 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Welcome to my new space! With the beginning of 2011, I’ve decided to move my blog over from Tumblr to WordPress to take advantage of some additional capabilities.

With the new year, there are also a few OTHER changes that I want to integrate into my life. I am the kind of person who is highly motivated by the idea of a new start, and a physical representation of that, such as the beginning of a new week, new year, etc. Yesterday, I spent some time looking over my goals for 2010 and assessing my results. Some of the areas I WAS successful in include:


  1. Lose 30 pounds (this was a big one for me!)
  2. Eat fewer processed foods (a slight slide in the past couple of months, I’ll admit, as I’ve been craving the blue box mac and cheese…)
  3. Got a new job that has improved my mental health immensely!


  1. Clear the clutter in my life
  2. Find space for crafts storage and crafting itself

Hobbies/Personal Growth

  1. Learn to knit
  2. Learn to sew
  3. Improve my baking skills
  4. Continue to expand upon my crochet skills

Areas I hope to improve on in 2011 include:


  1. Integrate a sound, doable work-out plan into my life (did a butt-kicking cardio routine this morning, after which I’m pretty sure the sight of my lifeless body sprawled across the living room floor terrified Yoshi into thinking I was dead)
  2. Wake up in time each morning to ease into my day, work out, eat breakfast, and arrive at work early and stress free
  3. Go to bed earlier each night in order to accommodate #3
  4. Make and keep more regular doctor’s/dentist appointments
  5. Stop overextending myself, committing only to the events I REALLY want to participate in


  1. Reorganize the storage room/hall closet
  2. Decorate my room
  3. Clean at least a little everyday, using a schedule


  1. Improve my photography skills to better capture the final products I create
  2. Open an Etsy shop highlighting my handmade wares
  3. Have personalized gift tags made for handmade gifts
  4. Finish crocheting the winter blanket for my bed
  5. Make more jewelry
  6. Improve my sewing, create some wearable outfits
  7. Brush up on embroidery
  8. Cook and bake more!
  9. Continue to expand upon  my knitting and crochet skills
  10. Make time for painting
  11. Read at least two new books per month

We’ll see how this list looks at the end of this year, but I’m excited to get started! This week especially I’ve been focusing on getting back to healthy eating, working out, and building some ideas and inventory for my Etsy shop. Now I’m off to cross a couple more things off my list for the week and enjoy my last two days of freedom before it’s back to work!


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